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Disgusting racist lying con artist Psyop tool who (Can't Understand Normal Thinking)

The bigger the lie the bigger the bigger the hoodwinked zombies.  There you go.  I have chip on my shoulder against anyone who would give this weird creature a platform.

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 in very clear context:

" This, again, is the interview in which she explains in painful detail why it was so critical that she have universally appealing features. But not only is she more attractive than those poor, ugly African women, she's not like the rest of us mere mortals at all. She's not even really human.

Nova Zem's interview with Teal Scott, 28.3.2013, 2nd Part

(9:30) So I am a soul fork. What that means is from nonphysical energy -- so most people in the planet, they're non-physical energy that is projected forth into a physical human body. I am non-physical energy that is perfect-projected forth into an Arcturian body -- an extraterrestrial body. Now that extraterrestrial being has chosen to then project forth as a human body twelve times. This is the twelfth incarnation. And it's quite, it's quite funny, ironically, because before I even came down, um, there was an entire panel of beings, Arcturian beings, sixth dimensional beings, who even chose the way I would look in this life....

(16:15) I'm now three points of perspective. Most people are two. Most people are the higher self and their human perspective, two points of perspective. I'm three, human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.

Special. She's very, very special. She also has no idea what irony means, because there is nothing in that story that is remotely ironic.

By virtue of her specialness, her followers are also special. As stated, they are "high vibrational."

As per the American Family Foundation, "The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity)."

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I RETRACT, this would be MEAN

02-21-14 I RETRACT, this

For those into Ad Hominem character assassination with the truth: she's overdue for a parody video.  I never thought I would be saying this, but if I knew how and could afford the makeup designer, and had the time, I would be willing to do a drag queen makeover for Halloween and act out a real good parody script of Teal and post the video.   That annoying chirping tone in her voice as though she is talking with her tongue in the back of her mouth needs to be made fun of.  It's so creepy and disingenuous and I can't think of anything more disgusting to think she really is a psyop gone haywire to fuck with the heads of victims of child abuse, pushing that victim blaming bullshit more and more, and even more than they already are fucked in the heads, rather than annihilate the criminal pedophile pedocidal filthy rich elitists parasites off the fucking face of the earth Teal sure seems to do a fine job at acting like one. 

would be very very mean and cruel.

especially now that there's enough former supporters coming forward and pretty much telling about the fact that she's bit a little more than she can swallow.

I've personally seen the dynamics of parents on a crusade to teach the world about their healing and its taxing on their children.  I know a little bit what its like to be the child of a parent whose survived horrific abuse.  

The Eternal New Age BullShit of Teal:

The Eternal New Age BullShit of Teal:

One of the endless dogmas of Teal is "we create our own reality" going so far to suggest paraphrasing teal "we chose to be born into this world", we chose our all our shortcomings and all of our crippling limitations or we "chose our own parents" or "choose to be here":.   Teal claims to have singlehandedly escaped from ritual sexual torture abuse because she chose to leave the reality she created and decided to uncreate.  Her being rescued was really all her doing all the rescuing of herself.  She holds the light because she was personally responsible for escaping. "Look at me at the name I've made for myself"  "I crawled out of the worst of the worst".  Look at me and my lilly pale skinned privileges born with a tits and ass to  manifest easy sugar daddy cock!

 So she keeps beating the same drum with the same doublespeak and backhanded insults and compliments for her following of desperate idiots looking for a cult leader savior.  Her whole dogma goes something like this: Abused children created their own suffering, I was an abused child too so I should know.   At what point can this be extrapolated down this slippery slope of saying this until one comes right out of no where and blames innocent rape victims for them being raped or tortured?  

Filthy rich people both from Hindu India and a lot so called "new age" "y.u.p."ies" with a better acronym: ("youth undermined & urbanized into parasites") instead of ("young urban professionals") in Western Society in North Americans seem to me to lean toward "Krisna consciousness" which subtly really is more Hindu caste system bull shit in many respects because they can always assume that the suffering poor or crippled deserved their suffering from past life sins or choosing to come to this world and choosing their own parents.  It's easy to push this victim blaming when you are speaking from a pedestal of wealth  and privileges relative those with poverty and suffering.

That is a very cruel attitude that is completely insane and full of complete utter bullshit.  It's better to hold to the reality that re-incarnation back to being confined to this 3 dimensional world is a false reality, no matter how bad one's past life was.  I believe we evolve to a higher dimensional perception after we are dead here in this 3-D world and the consequences of decisions here affect decisions in the afterlife of expanded extra perceptional dimensions where the filthy rich can never again oppress the suffering innocent poor victims.  No one chooses to be born into this world.  No one chooses their parents, contrary to what Teal Scott/Swan/Bosworth would say.

None of the other popular stories of survivors from child ritual sexual torture such as Cathy O'brien, Jay Parker, and several other's who were mind controlled push that same victim blaming bullshit as Teal.  None. Where is Teal's open solidarity with any of these survivors and those who advocate for those survivors at such places as the "Free your mind conferences" ?   ?

 Our only past life karma is the DNA memories and consequences from our parents, grandparents and ancestors that are the cards we've been dealt from an indifferent cosmic Dealer who throws out a cosmic chaotic random arbitrary completely and thoroughly shuffled infinitely diverse but completely fair divine deck of cards.   Some are dealt a shitty hand and some are not through no fault of their own.  We live with the cards we are dealt the best we can.  We are responsible for living with the cards we are dealt the best we can.  We have no more choice over whether or not we have a good childhood than a seed falling from a tree has a choice to land on fertile soil.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Heavy Venus Pluto Opposition: Approximate Teal Swan Astrology chart



or 1985  ? 




The temptation of Venus/Pluto 

Venus opposite Pluto:  "Like Mars Opposite Pluto 'the devil made me do it'  but Mars Opposite will say I didn't mean to do it, it was just impulsive. . . Venus Opposite Pluto will sit there and bat her eyelids at you and say  Ohh you wouldn't dare"  - Steve Judd


Is Teal Swan really a Drow Elf High Priestess of Lolth?

Rites of Lolth
Like all religions, the worship of Lolth involved a number of rituals and rites. Many of them included sacrifice. The following was a secret sacrificial prayer in Abyssal known only to high priestesses: "Great Goddess, Mother of the Dark, grant me the blood of my enemies for drink and their living hearts for meat. Grant me the screams of their young for song, grant me the helplessness of their males for my satisfaction, grand me the wealth of their houses for my bed. By this unworthy sacrifice I honor you, Queen of Spiders, and beseech of you the strength to destroy my foes."[15]

From Teal's own words describing her out of body experience being a black widow spider cannabiling her mate after sex:

 "  Having been at dinner last night when someone made reference to a woman they knew as a “black widow spider” (because of her tendency to ruin the lives of men she became involved with), I had become curious about spiders in general and about the experience of mating as a spider.  So I asked in out of body meditation this morning to experience spider sex."

I remained still, as if sedated by his “sounds”.  I felt him attach weak fibers to my back legs, climb onto me and spool a collection of his life force energy into me.  At that very minute, like an internal chain reaction, I felt my body begin to swell and a craving engulfed me.  It felt as if an internal black hole began to suck his vital force in.  I felt as if it would suck my entire reality as well as myself into itself, an instantaneous implosion.  I felt as if all separation was disappearing.  As if I had no control of the movement at all, I pulled this spider towards me.  With my feet, I rolled him while pitching silk across his body and sunk my fangs into the softness of him.

I felt myself being pulled back from the point of view that I held, pulled back from the ecstasy of carnal indulgence and union.  I was once again bathed in the blue light of the ocean mural room in my house, hearing the sounds of the highway.  The resolution of the look of the room was crystal clear in comparison to the perspective I had just held."

"Female spiders have been known to occasionally cannibalize their mates after mating with them. This self-inflicted widowdom has been viewed as an evolutionary development by scientists.  But I can tell you that after last night, having projected myself into the experience of it, my view of the sacred act has changed."

 "Perhaps spiders, un- ruled by the conceptual fear of death, have found a way to achieve this union and become one by consuming and by being consumed."


Insects and arachnids: both bugs,  have a very brief brutal primitive temporary predator prey relationship in this 3 dimensional lower temporary forms of life.  They function of pure lower chakra ruthless survival.    The huge black widow spider produces humongous egg sacks that require a lot of calories to nourish and stash and protect which makes the male a lot more expedient and a viable option for food.

This reality of bugs is understood in their own limited perceptions of predator prey relationships that never evolves in their species of brief little creepy crawly life and death.  Humans are not bugs and there is nothing sacred about humans cannibalizing their own, especially not their mates and their offspring.  There is no purpose to sink to such a brutal reality in the human world.

According to Erin Pizzey