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Is Teal Swan really a Drow Elf High Priestess of Lolth?

Rites of Lolth
Like all religions, the worship of Lolth involved a number of rituals and rites. Many of them included sacrifice. The following was a secret sacrificial prayer in Abyssal known only to high priestesses: "Great Goddess, Mother of the Dark, grant me the blood of my enemies for drink and their living hearts for meat. Grant me the screams of their young for song, grant me the helplessness of their males for my satisfaction, grand me the wealth of their houses for my bed. By this unworthy sacrifice I honor you, Queen of Spiders, and beseech of you the strength to destroy my foes."[15]

From Teal's own words describing her out of body experience being a black widow spider cannabiling her mate after sex:

 "  Having been at dinner last night when someone made reference to a woman they knew as a “black widow spider” (because of her tendency to ruin the lives of men she became involved with), I had become curious about spiders in general and about the experience of mating as a spider.  So I asked in out of body meditation this morning to experience spider sex."

I remained still, as if sedated by his “sounds”.  I felt him attach weak fibers to my back legs, climb onto me and spool a collection of his life force energy into me.  At that very minute, like an internal chain reaction, I felt my body begin to swell and a craving engulfed me.  It felt as if an internal black hole began to suck his vital force in.  I felt as if it would suck my entire reality as well as myself into itself, an instantaneous implosion.  I felt as if all separation was disappearing.  As if I had no control of the movement at all, I pulled this spider towards me.  With my feet, I rolled him while pitching silk across his body and sunk my fangs into the softness of him.

I felt myself being pulled back from the point of view that I held, pulled back from the ecstasy of carnal indulgence and union.  I was once again bathed in the blue light of the ocean mural room in my house, hearing the sounds of the highway.  The resolution of the look of the room was crystal clear in comparison to the perspective I had just held."

"Female spiders have been known to occasionally cannibalize their mates after mating with them. This self-inflicted widowdom has been viewed as an evolutionary development by scientists.  But I can tell you that after last night, having projected myself into the experience of it, my view of the sacred act has changed."

 "Perhaps spiders, un- ruled by the conceptual fear of death, have found a way to achieve this union and become one by consuming and by being consumed."


Insects and arachnids: both bugs,  have a very brief brutal primitive temporary predator prey relationship in this 3 dimensional lower temporary forms of life.  They function of pure lower chakra ruthless survival.    The huge black widow spider produces humongous egg sacks that require a lot of calories to nourish and stash and protect which makes the male a lot more expedient and a viable option for food.

This reality of bugs is understood in their own limited perceptions of predator prey relationships that never evolves in their species of brief little creepy crawly life and death.  Humans are not bugs and there is nothing sacred about humans cannibalizing their own, especially not their mates and their offspring.  There is no purpose to sink to such a brutal reality in the human world.

According to Erin Pizzey

 A recurring theme of some mysandronist feminists is to take the personal and make it political.  True feminists and advocates to end domestic violence and domestic abuse, like Erin Pizzey  mentioned in

in her struggles described the rhetoric of men hating feminists  as those who seem to think that  since "my dad was shit so all men are shit" and "make the personal political".  

 I can't help but wonder if Teal is recovered from her abuse from men.  When she writes about experiencing pleasure from an out of body experience pretending or becoming a black widow spider.

So according to Teal, there's something sacred about devouring one's own mate.  So according Teal it's not a bad thing to sometimes see men as expendable like a lot of female bugs do to their males of their own species?   One of my own Step Mothers once made hate speech like that to me back in 1984, but at least little Step Mom was referring to honeybees instead of spiders.

Some bugs are poisonous parasites and pests and need to be exterminated when these bugs invade human territory or human needs..   I'd rather stick my dick in the mouth of an open fanged pit viper than be with any kind of woman who claims shit like this

 To kill a spider is to destroy your connection to the web that unites all life.  To kill a spider is to fear fate and to deny your own creator nature.  It is bad luck to kill a spider because in the act of killing a spider, you symbolically destroy your choice to weave the framework of your future. 

NO, NO, to kill poisonous spider in human habitat is  good luck!  Just look what a brown recluse can do if you don't believe me:

[To kill a spider] " You unconsciously accept a back seat to life, whereby life will deal you whatever hand it wishes to deal you.  You deny connection and consciousness and instead, choose disconnection and unconsciousness"

as though all spiders are good spiders, as though we should worship the fictional demon Spider Lolth according to Teal? 
EWW . . .

QUOTEs from Drow of the Underdark  

" Arachnid Veneration and Emulation
One of the greatest and strangest influences on drow psy-
chology and culture stems from their religious beliefs. Most
humanoid races have humanoid-form deities. When they seek
to emulate the behavior and attitudes of their gods, either to
gain the deity’s blessings or simply because they see it as the
“right” way to act, they are not acting counter to their own
physiological and biological natures.
Not so with the drow. They are a humanoid, mammalian
race with all the associated needs, urges, and instincts, yet
they revere the spider, a creature of mindless predation. They
are a community that seeks to become a swarm. They are an
innately emotional people who revere a creature of no emo-
tion at all. (And all this doesn’t even touch on the fact that
they worship a deity whose physical likeness they cannot
begin to emulate.)"


  1. In my humble perspective, if you don't mind
    me saying, Teal Swan is a truly beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and soul. She is someone who I adore and her perspective on her out of body experience as a female spider was inspiring and heart felt. I don't see anything but beauty in Teal.

    1. Spoken like a true cult following psychopath